Industrial Office Oxford

BDS can design steel framed office buildings through to construction. This building was designed with a steel frame and mass concrete pad foundations supporting composite cladding.

Portal Sheds

BDS can design industrial steel portal sheds which are a traditional solution for housing industrial equipment within a large space. The space is sustainable for rearranging machinery layouts for continually changing industrial operations to cope with ever changing production markets.

Today portal sheds are suitable structures for distribution centres for internet retail e – commerce and digital marketing.

Portal sheds can also be used in military estates for aircraft hangars and naval dockyards.

The director of BDS has come from a background which specialises in this type of design and therefore BDS leads the market in economic structural steel portal frame design.

Industrial - Portal Sheds
Print Works

Print Works

BDS have designed and made alterations to many Print Works Building structures throughout West Yorkshire to keep up with modern building uses.

Warehouse Oxford

BDS have been involved in designing many new build warehouse buildings for expansion of businesses requiring more space for machinery as their operation increases. In this particular project the designer used a series of portal frames on mass concrete pad foundations to house an industrial warehouse in Oxford. The steel fabrication allowed the project to be delivered on time and within budget.

Oxford Warehouse
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