BDS provide structural assessments for the renewables industry.

Solar Panels

BDS assess existing Building structures for spare capacity to install the panels safely and resisting climatic environments such as rain wind and snowstorms in accordance with current structural design standards considering climate change effects. For over ten years we have provided panels for Industrial Buildings, Police Buildings, Colleges, Industrial Buildings, Vet Dentists and Donkey Sanctuaries.

Orion Leeds

We provided an assessment for Leeds Solar on this Industrial Building for solar energy for the manufacture of computer system cabinets. This property was snow critical and we carefully manipulated the location of the panels to avoid snow drifting zones whilst still maintaining optimum solar generation.

Tomrods Thirsk

We provided an assessment for Leeds Solar on this Industrial Building for solar energy for a steelwork supplier with live overhead cranes which were used to load transport vehicles dispatching steelwork to customers. The forces from the cranes braking accelerating and crabbing were considered in the assessment for spare structural capacity left to support the panels.

Vet Dentist Harrogate

We provided an assessment for Vet dentist (Link to web page) on thisĀ  multiuse Building for solar energy on a flat roof for generating electricity to be used by residential residents and the uses of the Veterinary dentist practice. BDS were involved in assessing this timber roof for the spare Load capacity and offered various strengthening timber strengthening details to facilitate the installation. This project has proved successful to have already resisted site weather conditions for wind, rain, and snow. The project is particularly unique in that the solar panels are carried by a flat timber roof structure.

Wind Turbine Foundations

BDS can design foundation bases for wind turbine foundation bases, and these are used to support a windmill power generator. These are design in accordance with all current relevant standards.

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